A microprocessor controlled foot/ankle is designed to provide ankle motion similar to and anatomical ankle when viewed from the side.  Sensors provide feedback to update microprocessor on the position of the foot.  The ankle then moves to accommodate walking.  It actually increases and decreases the angle of the foot to match terrain such as when ascending ramps, as well as allowing a smooth roll over in walking.
  • Provides a smooth controlled  transition from heel contact through the walking cycle
  • Reduces stress and strain on the amputated side and remaining limb
  • Reduces potential for lower back pain
  • Reduces need for compensatory actions when walking
  • Greater control when ascending / descending stairs, ramps,
  • Automatically adjusts to variable heel height up to 1 1/2 Inches
  • Provides for increased sitting comfort

    How does it work?

    Motion Sensors measure stress, strain and ankle postion to determine specific moment of the gait cycle

    Microprocesor utilizes Terrain Logic artificial intellignece to initiate active ankle movement

    Internal Stepper Motor provides pro-active ankle movment

    Pivot Axis provides active single axis ankle movement

    Carbon Composite foot provides active energy storing function.

    What does it do?

    Enhances Stance and Swing phase function by providing proactive controlled ankle plantar flexion and dorsi flexion movement during gait phase

    Adapts the ankle to optimize stair ascent and descent to restore symmetry on stair ascent and descent.

    Reduces impact and strain on remaining limb by allowing the whole foot to be placed on step, improving traction and balance.

    Optional  4° or 6° dorsiflexion when stairs are detected.  (Stairs function may be de-activated)

    Stair function provides an additional 5° dorsi-flexion in swing compared to level walking function.

    Who is it for?

    Transtibial Amputees

    Low to Medium Impact

    K3 Ambulator (Daily activities)

    Weight Limit: 99lb – 255lb (45-116 kg)

    Improved Benefit For

    Short Transtibial Residual Limbs

    Limited ROM on contralateral knee

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