ART is a group of individuals focused on sharing quality information to the amputee and rehabilitation community.

With the introduction of the microprocessor knees over the past few years, it is surprising how difficult it is to get information regarding this technology other than advertising literature from the manufacturer or the promotional brochures from prosthetic providers.  

Even on the internet, all the information we could find was typically promotional materials about a single product.  It was difficult and time consuming to learn about all the various products and appreciate how they worked and how they compared to one another.

So we decided to launch this site and provide a purely educational experience on the microprocessor knee.  ART has no affiliation or relationship with any prosthetic manufacture, we do not promote any product nor do we accept advertising or donations.

All of us at ART welcome your comments and input.  Please feel free to contact us by e-mail with any questions or suggestions regarding our site.  We hope it will be well received and well utilized.

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