The microprocessor prosthetic knee is designed to enhance an above-knee amputee’s stability, security and functional capabilities to enjoy every day activities of daily living.

For the above-knee amputee, microprocessor knee prosthetic technology:

·    Improves balance

·    Enhances stability to prevent falls and stumbles.

·    Keeps up with quicker walking pace.

·    Enables changes in walking speed quickly and efficiently

·    Ensures stability on uneven ground, gravel or grass

·    Provides security and confidence for walking in public areas

·    Allows for walking down ramps step over step

·    Enables descent of stairs step over step

·    Conserves energy during the day

There are four styles and designs of microprocessor knees which each provide varied and unique functions and benefits to the above-knee amputee:

·   C-Leg by Otto Bock

·   Rheo by Ossur

·   Compact by Otto Bock

·   Adaptive 2 by Endolite

Which one of these microprocessor knees is right for you will depend upon many variables; weight, age, amputation level and the specific tasks you need to do to accomplish your day to day activities of daily living will determine which microprocessor knee will provide you the security, stability and function to will require to live a full and active life style.

If you or a family member has undergone an above-knee amputation, this site is designed to provide you basic information about microprocessor prosthetic knees to provide you with a preliminary insight to this amazing technology.  The “Who is it For” section of this Amputee Resource Team site includes a self evaluation that will help you determine which computer microprocessor knee will be the best fit and function for your life style.  In addition, you can request (in complete confidence) a listing of the prosthetic companies and prosthetic specialists in your area that are trained and qualified to provide a microprocessor above knee artificial limb.

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